I could rattle off brands but that would not do you any good.  The only person that would get any kind of benefit from that are the other DJs reading this site 🙂 

Just know that I am very much into the tech side of this so I only use the highest grade of equipment.  If I used anything less than the best I would not only be selling myself short – but you and your guests as well. 

That is how you can tell someone who truly embraces their craft no matter what they are into.  The quality and over abundance of their equipment.  Do they care enough or have enough work that would allow them to invest the enormous amounts of money to purchase high-end gear?

Beware: Every DJ company says they use “top of the line equipment / state of the art equipment”.   I always laugh when I see what they are actually using.  Lots of ugly cheap setups, bad sound, and unreliable brands.  There is only a handful of us truly using the best of the best.  

It should also be noted that different sized venues and different guest counts naturally require different setups.  An intimate 80 person wedding in a smaller room will not need the same as a 250 person wedding in a huge ballroom.  Regardless of where you find yourself – I have smaller systems, mid size systems, and a system that will handle up to about 800 people.  Please tell me you need me to bring my big system 🙂