Wedding Overview

Welcome to the wonderful world of wedding planning! I sincerely mean that too. This should be a fun experience for the both of you exploring all kinds of ideas and thinking of all the different possibilities for the day – it’s exciting dang it! During the planning process a ton of decisions will be made and selecting the right DJ is going to be a vital one. Not to sound conceited, but the DJ will shape your wedding tenfold compared to anything else. We truly have the biggest impact compared to any other vendor. If you have a bad photographer or videographer only the two of you will know and it will be after the wedding. The flowers are not quite what they were supposed to be? Again, only the two of you will know but it will not take away from the overall success of the wedding. Have a bad DJ? Oh mama – everyone will know and they will be reminded all night long. Your hard work, time, and money spent can single handedly be overthrown by this one person. It’s actually kind of crazy the power we have over your wedding (insert evil laugh).

Within this section you will find a brief overview about how I handle your wedding and how seriously they are taken. For an in-depth description please contact me and I will email you my brochure. It contains a wealth of detailed information about every element during your big day and will be a lifesaver when hiring your DJ. Even if I am completely booked on your date and can not provide entertainment for you – I hope this site will educate you on how much responsibility and influence this person will have during your wedding.

“From one vendor to another – Mike Simmons is one of our favorite DJs to work with.  Whenever we see clients have booked Must Be The Music we already know it is going to be an amazing night.  We even had two corporate Holiday Parties fighting over Mike and they ended up booking him for the next 3 years in advance to ensure they got him!  Not only is Mike AMAZING at his job, but he is someone we consider family!  If an upbeat- music filled event is what you are looking for Must Be The Music DJs is the right choice!”

Jessica Sterling, The Waterfall

“Mike was AMAZING from start to finish when it came to being our wedding DJ.  He was in constant communication with us during our entire wedding planning process…And, overall he just has an awesome yet professional personality that made it so fun to work him. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a DJ for their special event!”

Amanda, via Wedding Wire


First things first. Can’t have a wedding reception unless you get married so let’s start there. The ceremony is a completely different situation than the reception. Instead of a traditional DJ you need more of a sound engineer that will be able to play the right music at the right times. Even if you are having a string quartet they may need to be amplified depending on your location and guest count. Regardless of who handles the music aspect you will need to use microphones. I will say this again. You need to use microphones. If not, only the first few rows will be able to hear anything. There is nothing worse than sitting through a ceremony and having no clue what is being said. I call it the ceremony cell because you have to sit there in silence and look forward. Your friends and loved ones have come to not only see you get married, but hear it as well.

There are a lot of logistics and things to take into consideration during your ceremony. That is why you need more than just a person pressing the play button. You need someone with the knowledge and experience to ensure that everything will go perfectly. Invest in someone that can handle all of the logistical, technical, and musical requirements at this pivotal moment.

“Mike Simmons is a true wedding professional through and through.  I truly enjoy each event that we get to work on together.  Mike is a master at his craft and as an added bonus he has the most beautiful DJ equipment that fits into the venue perfectly and is not an eyesore!  I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a dependable, fun, and professional DJ.”

Melissa Sapio, Catering Sales Manager, Winterthur

“I have been in and to many weddings and ours was one of the only ones where the mic was not too quiet or did not cut out during the ceremony, which happened to be outside and on the water (lots of noise factors!).”

Julia, via Wedding Wire


This is it baby! All the endless hours of planning, researching, emails, phone calls, meetings, and money spent are going to finally pay off. One catch though…you guessed it… the DJ. This will be the one variable that can take your vision and either knock it out of the park leaving you and your guests in awe with what an incredible wedding it was. Or, they can fall short of everything that was promised leaving you and your guests feeling a slight to severe degree of disappointment and anger. I have met many couples who tell me about a wedding of a cousin or friend that was completely botched and how awful it. That sucks. That really sucks. Not only for the couple getting married but for every guest because that is how the wedding will be remembered forever.

We do so much more than just play music. Ask any wedding coordinator, photographer, or previous bride. We are pre-wedding organizers, day-of planners, master of ceremonies, team leaders, and guest relations to name a few. All of these various tasks need to be accomplished while keeping the right music playing at the right times. It takes serious experience, multi-tasking capabilities, and self-confidence to handle everything at once. Put yourself at ease throughout this process knowing that you have hired a true professional. This investment will ensure that you are going to have the best time possible that will be stress free at your own wedding while creating lifetime memories with the people you love.


“…it was hands down a perfect DJ experience.  Working with Mike is also a breeze.  He is very laid back and extremely helpful with picking songs out for different parts of the ceremony, cocktail hour, entrance, cake cutting, etc.  I would recommend Must Be The Music DJs to anyone looking for a wedding DJ.  Out of all the weddings I have ever been to and DJs I have heard – Mike is simply the best.”

Ryan, via Google Reviews

“I absolutely love working with Mike Simmons from Must Be The Music DJs.  He is a true professional in every way!  Mike really plays the best music, and fills the dance floor at every event.”

Michelle Quirk, Day of Coordinator: Greenery Caters - Official Catering for Carriage House


Uplighting $400
Adding uplighting at your venue will be the best investment in decor you can make. There is nothing else that will have the same impact. It is also very cost effective considering how much money can be spent on things like flowers, upgraded linens, and such. When the house lights are dimmed for dancing all of those other things disappear. That is when the uplighting fully takes over and your room comes alive.

Sounds awesome. But what is uplighting? Glad you asked – uplights are small lighting units that are strategically placed on the floor around the perimeter of your venue that illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling. They will match the feel or theme of your wedding with a color of your choice or I can do a very inviting candlelight look. Uplights do not take away from the beauty of a room – they enhance it. Ballrooms feel grand while smaller venues feel warm and cozy. It will take the atmosphere of your room to the next level and your guests will be absolutely wowed from beginning to end.

The uplighting is also in sync with the mood of the evening. Elegant staying one color in the beginning as everyone enters and then creating excitement with different color programs as dancing starts. I do not have a set number of uplights that come with this upgrade either. That is a money making scam that other companies use to charge you more. I use however many fixtures are needed to have the room look its best. You don’t want it too much or too little, just enough to create a perfectly lit room. Between the lighting and the seamless mix of music I can turn your wedding venue into another world once the dancing portion begins. It is quite magical really.

This video will show you what a difference uplighting creates in a number of different settings. I have never had anyone regret or even be indifferent about the addition of uplighting afterwards. If there is room in the budget for upgrades then go for this option for sure.

“We also chose the uplighting and I recommend that 1000%!”

Katie , via The Knot

“Definitely chip in for the uplighting — shows off the best of the venue and adds ambience.”

Amanda, via Wedding Wire

Wedding FAQ

How much do you charge?2023-06-23T17:05:43-04:00

That really depends on what you need.  Please visit the contact page and let’s talk.  I will be able to give you options with an accurate quote after I have some details.

When should I book my wedding DJ?2020-09-25T17:05:14-04:00

As soon as you find someone you love.  That goes for any vendor that can only be in one place at one time.  Dates can go at anytime.

Do you price match?2023-06-23T17:05:54-04:00

No.  If I started doing that then I would be putting myself in the same class as the person has no experience, terrible equipment, streams their music, and ultimately ruins weddings.

The DJ industry is a completely individualized and custom service opposed to an identically mass produced product.  If you are buying a car then yes – you absolutely get the cheapest price possible.  Same car no matter which dealership you purchase from.  Not with this though.  No two DJs are going to be the same.

Just because someone “DJs” does not mean they know how to handle your wedding.  I hate to sound so harsh but like most things in life you usually get what you pay for.  On the flip side sometimes you don’t actually get what you paid for, which is even worse in my opinion.  I would rather have someone under promise me and over deliver than vice versa.  It’s a tough choice with a lot of variables.  Just remember your wedding is a one shot deal with no retakes.

Come on…Don’t you just play music and say a few things?2023-06-23T17:06:24-04:00

Hopefully at this point you have read all the information above and are just messing with me…you rascal.

Are you the best?2023-06-23T17:14:22-04:00

Stay away from anyone or any company that calls themselves “the best”. That is not a title you give yourself – people give that title to you when you earn it.

There are some very talented DJs in the community. However there are far more that are nothing special. One problem with that though – your wedding is special. You need a wedding entertainer. Not just simply someone playing music and saying a few things for extra money on the weekend. Anyone can hit play. Few can entertain.

A great start to finding the best fit for you is looking up reviews online, how many venues / vendors recommend this person or have worked with this person, and having a genuine connection with the when you talk with them.

This is a very unregulated business and everyone is a DJ. In an over saturated market there are only a handful of true professionals. Like anything you care about – do your homework. There is no substitute for experience. Avoid “sales” pitches too. Quality service sells itself.

I have a friend that DJs and he said he would “hook us up”. We are thinking of just using him…2023-06-23T17:14:38-04:00

If he a true professional who entertains at weddings on a consistent basis that is awesome. Total score. However, if he is not then I would be very cautious. Usually the outcome of these situations end with the friend heavily partaking in eating, drinking, and talking to people they have not seen in a while. It turns into more of a guest at the wedding who is playing music. They will not be dedicated, focused, or know the logistics like someone hired specifically for your wedding and who has their reputation on the line.

Can I make song requests?2023-06-23T15:16:16-04:00

Absolutely.  Not only can you make requests but I ask what you do not want to hear as well.

Do you have a list of the most popular wedding songs?2023-06-23T15:16:58-04:00

Nah…I want your wedding unique and memorable, not just blending in with the others music wise.  Choosing songs for your crowd is something a DJ should “feel” in the moment and not pre-programmed from a standard list.  Every client and crowd is different.  It is the DJs job to figure out what to play throughout each part of the night at the right time.

Do you have a video testimonial at the end of a wedding from the bride & groom?2023-06-23T15:17:19-04:00

No.  Heck no.  Even though it is indeed a great promotional tool – I would never ever ever ever bother a couple at the end of their wedding for a testimonial.  Selfish and tacky in my opinion.  Whenever I see this on social media – I cringe.  This isn’t a game show.  I want to end the night with a big ol’ sweaty hug – not them giving an interview for my own business needs.

Can you make my guests dance?2023-06-23T15:16:01-04:00

Negative.  No DJ can “make” people dance unless they are a dabbling in hypnotism on the side.  But then I suppose the guests wouldn’t even remember dancing so what is the point?  I’ll stop now……

What I can and will do though, is give them every opportunity throughout your wedding to have a phenomenal evening full of fun, socializing, and dancing.

How Many DJs are in your company?2023-06-23T17:15:41-04:00

Just me.  I know the company name is Must Be The Music “DJ’s” and at one time I had multiple people.  Since the pandemic one semi-retired and one moved away.  Great DJs are so hard to come by.

My Venue / Photo Booth / Florist offers uplighting. Who should I use?2023-06-23T17:08:45-04:00

This is really the DJs department.  My uplights are going to be higher quality units which means they will look better in the venue and have advanced features like changing colors along with synchronizing to the music.

Other than DJs (those of us that keep up with technology that is) most other people use older style lights with lamps.  They are cheap, stay one color, not very vivid, big, get really hot, and are just basically ugly.  I am meticulous about the placement and spacing of the lights – others are not.  I can control the feeling of the lights with the music during dancing – others can not because they just turn them on and leave.  Not to mention that if a guests hits one and knocks it over, no one will be there to reposition the light.

Do you bring lighting for the dance floor?2023-06-23T17:08:24-04:00

Never. There are a few reasons I do not bring dance floor lighting.

You don’t want your DJs wedding setup to look like a high school homecoming. This is an adult event – not an 8th dance. The venue is going to look great and your DJs setup should compliment the room. Lighting up a dance floor requires that the lighting fixtures are hung in the air so it projects over people. Well, that is awfully ugly for a wedding don’t you think? People walk in and see a bunch of lights hanging in the air from tripods or worse a big ol’ truss that spans the entire DJ area. It’s a wedding. Not a Mitzvah. Lighting fixtures junk up the place. No good.

Aesthetics are not the only thing saved by the absence of dance floor lighting. Great moments captured by your photographer of people having fun are completely ruined. You have these spectacular candid shots of people letting loose and having a ball only to be ruined by random dots of color everywhere and all over everyone. Huge disappointment.

That is where uplighting creates an elegant and fun atmosphere while being unobtrusive in your pictures.

What type of equipment do you use?2023-06-23T17:09:17-04:00

I could rattle off brands but that would not do you any good.  The only person that would get any kind of benefit from that are the other DJs reading this site 🙂 

Just know that I am very much into the tech side of this so I only use the highest grade of equipment.  If I used anything less than the best I would not only be selling myself short – but you and your guests as well. 

That is how you can tell someone who truly embraces their craft no matter what they are into.  The quality and over abundance of their equipment.  Do they care enough or have enough work that would allow them to invest the enormous amounts of money to purchase high-end gear?

Beware: Every DJ company says they use “top of the line equipment / state of the art equipment”. I always laugh when I see what they are actually using. Lots of ugly cheap setups, bad sound, and unreliable brands. There are only a handful of us truly using the best of the best.

It should also be noted that different sized venues, floor plans, and different guest counts naturally require different setups. An intimate 80 person wedding in a smaller room will not need the same as a 250 person wedding in a huge ballroom. Even where I am placed in the room with the same exact guest count will affect what system is used. There are a lot of physics that go into sound reinforcement. Regardless, I will use the perfect system for your guest count and room. Never underpowered. Always concert grade sound.

Do you have backup equipment?2023-06-23T17:09:34-04:00

Heck yes!  For every single piece of equipment used.  From computers to microphones, speakers to dress shirts.  You name it – I have a second one on hand.

Not only do I have backup equipment with me – it is the same piece of equipment that is used normally.  There is no point in having the extra equipment there if your “backup” is of poor quality and does not work when you really need it.

Equipment not working one day is not a matter of “if” it will happen – but “when” it will happen.  Fail to plan – plan to fail.

What are you wearing?2023-06-23T17:09:46-04:00

You so naaaaasty. Behave! Oh…wait…you mean for the wedding right? How embarrassing. Normally I wear a suit unless that does not fit your vibe. I look the part – let’s put it that way.

I have seen DJs in black t-shirts, sneakers, hats, and such. Slobs. I also have seen DJs wearing tuxes when absolutely no one in the building was wearing a tux.

This is just for fun but one venue told me about a guy who forgot his dress clothes and did the entire wedding in jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt. Another venue told me the ceremony the night before had to start forty-five minutes late because the DJ forgot his dress pants. You gotta double check yourselves boys!

What time do you arrive?2023-06-23T17:09:59-04:00

Normally around three hours prior.  Maybe a little more or a little less depending on what is needed that day.  Setting up won’t take nearly that long but I like a lot of extra time to go over notes or plan or the unplanned like a flat tire.  Music will always be playing before the actual start time.  No worries mate.

Do you require a vendor meal?2023-06-23T17:10:28-04:00

No.  Walk away from any DJ who requires a meal.  They should be excited for your wedding – not the free food.  There is no reason they can not eat something right before the wedding starts.

Now I will say that it is greatly appreciated when a vendor meal is presented – but it is never a requirement.  I also will not eat in front of your guests.  No one wants to see the DJ (or any vendor for that matter) woofing down food.  Just not a good look.  If I do eat, I will woof it down out of sight but close enough that I can still hear the music.

What if you get sick and can not make it the wedding?2023-06-23T17:11:05-04:00

Whoa now. I have DJ’d in pretty bad shape before and the show must go on. A true entertainer will have that mentality. Missing a wedding would not even enter into their minds. However, since Covid this has changed my outlook. I may not be as bulletproof as I thought.

If there was a real emergency or illness that was truly out of my hands I have an extensive network of friends within the industry. It would have to be major though. So major you would feel extremely concerned for my well being.

To date this has never happened but I’m sure it is inevitable at some point. I keep all your details and special songs in the cloud just in case so I can easily give someone access to the account and everything for your wedding will be there.

Do you have liability insurance?2023-06-23T17:11:15-04:00

Yes.  Not only is this a requirement of some venues it is a way to weed out who is doing this seriously and who is not.

If you do ask about liability insurance (which you should) stay away from anyone that says they will get an insurance policy for just that day / event.  They are obviously not doing this frequently enough to have insurance and therefore you should not trust them with your wedding.


Can we attend a wedding and check you out?2023-06-23T17:11:54-04:00

I am really really sorry, but no.  That would not be fair or right to the client.  Run from anyone who allows this.  My focus is on the current event, not booking the next one.  That is why I do not do photo booths.  I would not be able to dedicate my full concentration to your wedding.

Please do check out reviews though on the endorsements page.  100% honest feedback.

I am finally done reading all your FAQ’s. I thought it would never end…2023-06-23T17:19:10-04:00

Well guess what smarty pants? You are still not done. There is one more. Jerk…

Everything sounds great. Very informative. What is the next step?2023-06-23T17:18:15-04:00

Please use the contact page to email or call.  I love talking weddings.

“We were 100 percent pleased!!  All music played was awesome.. exactly what we were looking for.  Everyone had such an amazing time and you kept that dance floor packed the whole time!!  Job well done!  Thanks for making our wedding such an memorable experience!!!”

Tracey, via Email

“From the first email with Mike, I knew he was going to be the perfect fit for our wedding day. His bold and bubbly personality, professionalism and overall care for our wishes was evident throughout the past 6 months of wedding planning and shined even brighter on our wedding day.”

Michelle, via Wedding Wire

Wedding Pricing

Weddings start at $2k and go from there depending on what is needed and what you want. For an exact price I will need some information from you though. Please email or call and we will talk about exactly what is required for your wedding. After that I can give you an accurate quote.

I am by no means a “salesman” so there will not be any high pressure commitments, pushy tactics, nor a million calls, texts and/or emails. I am not a “gotta get the sale – gotta get the sale” kind of person. Just honest information is what you will receive. Let’s chit chat.

“We were very pleased with Mike. He created flow, chose great songs, and kept the volume at a reasonable level, per our request. He is truly a nice guy and does a great job at a fair price. We absolutely recommend him”


Cynthia, via Wedding Wire

“…Many other DJs I interviewed had a base “package” and then expensive upgrades but Must Be The Music DJs gave us a very fair price with everything included. I highly recommended this vendor and will gladly rehire them for any future DJ needs.”


Elle , via The Knot
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