Corporate Events

A corporate event is where true talent and the ability to entertain are crucial.  The work place is a melting pot of different people, at different points in their lives, with different backgrounds, and have fun in different ways.  Our goal with such a diverse group like this is to create an environment that brings everyone together for an evening of well deserved fun.  Let’s reward them with a great night of entertainment that people will remember throughout the year.  Even those that refuse to get up and dance (you always have them) will still enjoy watching all the others out there having a great time.  Not to mention you will be the hippest party planner in the office.

“Must Be The Music DJs are amazing!!!  Easy to work with, very responsive and professional.  My go to DJs for any events I have and I recommend them to all my friends and clients.”

Clair Wildman , Sales Manager - Deerfield

“Mike Simmons is a pleasure to deal with.  He was very professional and makes our events so much fun.  I would recommend him and his company to everyone.”

Chris Leonard, Promotions & Events Director at the New Mix 99.5 WJBR

Private Events

The DJ is a big influence on your event.  People will be subjected the music the entire time.  Whether it is a sweet sixteen, baby shower, or a 60th anniversary party, we will work together and handle all logistics prior to the event.  In addition to songs you have requested in advance, music is superbly selected throughout your party and played at the right times.  Proper volumes are always kept in mind for your guests as well.  Equipment is discrete with no visible wires.  Attire will match the feeling of your event – never less.  You planned a party for your guests – let’s give it to them.

“I have worked with Mike Simmons and his company for over 10 years and they are fabulous!  We have used him for our clients weddings and events for my company Secretariat, but also for my own personal events.  He is very prompt in response and easy going.  Everything always runs very smoothly and I highly recommend them with five stars for sure!  I am always bummed when I check a date with them and they are booked.  Without a doubt, one of the best DJ companies in our area and we love working with them!”

Samantha Diedrick Harris, Secretariat - Wedding & Event Planning

“I’m so glad Mike was the DJ I chose to entertain us at our 50th wedding anniversary.  I’ve been to numerous receptions and parties where the DJ ruined the entire event with loud, unorganized music.  No matter how beautiful everything else went or how good the food is – if you can’t talk or enjoy the rest of the evening it ruins the entire event.  Unfortunately that is what your guests remember when they go home… DJs will make or break your event…Everyone had a blast and you were the frosting on a very perfect evening.  You are the Best!  Thank you!”

Tom & Phyllis Meadows, Via google review

School Dances

There are two different sides to look at when it comes to school events: Faculty vs. Students. Both sides are similar, but with different perspectives. The students want to hear the songs they like, sing along to them, and dance with their friends. Teachers want the same for their beloved students, just with appropriate music and a safe environment. That is where our expertise comes into play. It is a fine line keeping the students interested and entertained, while also keeping the faculty and parents happy. Experience, knowledge, and staying current with new music ensures we know what to play, when to play it, what is acceptable, and what is not. We keep the students as interactive as possible and give them a reason to want to come to the next dance. Teacher of the year award goes to you!

“Saint Mark’s HS has been using Must Be the Music DJs for years.  Mike and his staff are top notch.  They play what the crowds want to hear, are always on time, professional and dynamic.”

Guy Townsend, Assistant Principal - St. Marks High School

“Must Be The Music DJs have been providing entertainment at our dances for years. They are always there way ahead of time, have plenty of equipment to handle our large student body, keep the kids involved, and I never have to worry about inappropriate songs being played. They truly handle it all from every perspective for me.”

Cody Stafford, Student Council President - Unionville High School