Indeed, entertainment is the general nature of this business but I like to think of myself as being in the hospitality industry.  Yes, I handle the basics just as a traditional DJ but my goal is provide you and your guests with a great overall experience from beginning to end.  Anyone can purchase cheap speakers and everyone has access to music these days.  Nothing special there anymore.  However, so many other factors will shape the outcome of your event. 

In addition to playing the right music at the right time (which is not a given by a DJ) there are different aspects like sound quality, proper volume, speaking clearly on the microphone, communicating with you before and during the event, talking with your guests as they approach, aesthetics of the equipment, attire, and something so simple as having a smile on my face. 

All these things add up and contribute to the overall success.  I pride this company on my core principals of quality, integrity, value, attention to detail, along with a natural passion for music and entertaining.  In an over-saturated industry I am a true professional that genuinely cares about your event.

“Must Be The Music is the best of the best in the DJ world!”

“I can’t express enough how professional Mike is from the start to the end of the evening!  Thorough in every detail and communicates well how the evening will go with me as the wedding coordinator and the client too.  He genuinely cares about each client as if they were family.  I always refer Mike and Must Be The Music DJs because I know a DJ can make or break an event or wedding.”

Christine Jennings, Ever Lively Events

Get To Know Me

Mike Simmons – (owner)

Music has always been a huge part of my life. During the summer going into fourth grade as usual I rode my bike to the local music store that I would constantly visit / annoy and landed myself a job cleaning it on Sundays after hours. Sure, it would only take fifteen minutes to vacuum and throw the trash out, but I spent hours in there playing all the instruments (Thank you Mal for trusting a fourth grader in the store alone and allowing me to be surrounded by what I loved).

I knew I wanted to be a DJ around fifth grade when I started going to the skating rink every weekend. If you think about it, the skating rink is a little night club for kids. There is music, lights, a snack bar, and new people to meet. Saving up enough money from birthdays and working my once a week cleaning gig I slowly started to buy equipment. I DJ’d my first event by myself when I was 14 and continued from there. My parents would drop me off at gigs and pick me up (thanks Mom and Dad for the support).

Going into freshman year of high school I went to an under 21 event at an adult night club and when I walked in it was like I had gone to heaven. I will never forget that night watching the two DJs, being surrounded by the lights, and standing next to the enormous stacks of speakers. It was magical.

Throughout high school I would try to play music for people anywhere I could. At the same time another professional in the industry who I bought equipment from would pick me up and bring me to his events so I could learn the proper way of doing things (thanks Bill). When I was able to drive I started playing music regularly at the same place that started it all – the skating rink. After high school I moved to the beach to DJ during the summer at two under 21 nightclubs and an after hours club. Once I was of legal age (or even maybe a bit younger), I moved into the bar and nightclub scene. Playing in front of hundreds to thousands of people on a regular basis. I was getting my feet wet with weddings and booking more private gigs as well.

Getting older is a funny thing. By my mid twenties the focus was a lot less on clubs and mostly on weddings. After all this time I can’t even begin to imagine the number of events I have done, how many people I have spoken in front of, and how many happily married couples I have been fortunate enough to be a special part of their day.

I truly love entertaining and could not imagine ever stopping. This is what I was born to do. – Mike Simmons