Hi there and thank you so much for visiting.  Throughout the website are various sections all designed to inform you about this company, services offered, frequently asked questions, resources to help while planning, and general pieces of information.

Your event is important to you – I understand.  It is important to me as well.  I want everything to be perfect just like you.  Hiring the right DJ is a big piece of the party pie to ensure that happens.  We have the potential keep things running smoothly and ensure a great time for everyone or we can drive people out of your event with overly loud, inappropriate music, or constantly talking on the microphone.  It is a very fine line person has to walk so that everyone in attendance has a great time.

Scout around the site.  I have put in a lot of time and content so you will be fully informed about what type of service you are hiring and who you are hiring it from.  Please contact me anytime to talk about your event.  I am always happy to discuss things with you.


Mike Simmons


“if you do not know what you are buying – know who you are buying it from”