Well, only because you asked, I shall further explain.

There are many different things that determine a DJs worth besides playing songs.  These days music is a click away and big box stores sell “DJ” speakers.  That does not make a person a true DJ.

What does though is the quality of equipment, experience they have, knowing what to play, when to play it, speaking properly on the mic, communication with the client, interacting with guests, and having liability insurance to name a few things.  It comes down to is the person a true professional or just somebody that bought speakers and uses iTunes for beer money.

This is a very individualized service, not a mass produced product.  What you get from one person will not be the same as the next.  Unfortunately, sometimes it is only realized during your event how big of a role the DJ plays.  And that stinks.  I don’t want that for anyone.

That is why this FAQ is here.  I hope to educate so you can make the best decision possible.