No.  If I started doing that then I would be putting myself in the same class as the person has no experience, terrible equipment, streams their music, and ultimately ruins weddings.

The DJ industry is a completely individualized and custom service opposed to an identically mass produced product.  If you are buying a car then yes – you absolutely get the cheapest price possible.  Same car no matter which dealership you purchase from.  Not with this though.  No two DJs are going to be the same.

Just because someone “DJs” does not mean they know how to handle your wedding.  I hate to sound so harsh but like most things in life you usually get what you pay for.  On the flip side sometimes you don’t actually get what you paid for, which is even worse in my opinion.  I would rather have someone under promise me and over deliver than vice versa.  It’s a tough choice with a lot of variables.  Just remember your wedding is a one shot deal with no retakes.