Stay away from anyone or any company that calls themselves “the best”. That is not a title you give yourself – people give that title to you when you earn it.

There are some very talented DJs in the community. However there are far more that are nothing special. One problem with that though – your wedding is special. You need a wedding entertainer. Not just simply someone playing music and saying a few things for extra money on the weekend. Anyone can hit play. Few can entertain.

A great start to finding the best fit for you is looking up reviews online, how many venues / vendors recommend this person or have worked with this person, and having a genuine connection with the when you talk with them.

This is a very unregulated business and everyone is a DJ. In an over saturated market there are only a handful of true professionals. Like anything you care about – do your homework. There is no substitute for experience. Avoid “sales” pitches too. Quality service sells itself.