Want to hear the difference between a real DJ and just someone playing songs?  Create a playlist and listen through.  Then stream these mixes and try to resist geting jiggy wherever you may be.  The difference in a continuous mix of music vs. simply playing songs is night and day.  Real DJs keep the party going with a seamless variety of music.  Anyone can make a playlist.  Being a DJ is an art form that takes a long time to dial in.  Being a great MC takes even longer but that is for a different page 🙂 .

Side note – Just remember the tracks you hear are going to be different than what would be played at a live event.  We can go all over the place with music when we don’t have a dance floor at stake for each song played.  You may hear us say our names a few times but that is because we don’t want other DJs stealing our mixes and pawning them off as theirs.  Yes – that actually happens.

Enjoy my friends!