Photo Booths

I admit it – I went through a resistance phase when Photo Booths started becoming popular.  People are drawn to them which takes away from my dance floor especially in the beginning of the night.  However, the fun photos they produce have totally changed my mind.

People love getting their pictures taken.  Pop sockets for your phone and selfie sticks have proved that.  Take a group of friends or family members in a fun social setting, throw in some funny hats and wacky glasses, put a Photo Booth in front of them and now you have yourself some great pictures throughout the night.

Open air Photo Booths are my preference.  You can squeeze more people in the picture than the standard enclosed ones.  More people – more fun.  Easy math.

Here is what is included with your rental:

  • Photo for each person in the picture.
  • Picture book of containing every photo taken (ah..memories).
  • Digital files of every photo taken
  • Props, props, and more props.
  • Background of your choice.
  • Photo Booth attendant to help with everything.